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Virginia Camping at it's Best!

We are glad you found us! Virginia Campers is a small group of campers, that continues to grow. We have been around for about 5 years. Whether you're here to camp with other folks or just want or need information about camping this is the place. You can also find information on places to avoid, Yes, believe it or not Virginia has some less than desirable campgrounds. Also, we do not care what you camp in, be it Class A or a Tent, Everyone is Welcome!!

I have had to take on the approval of all accounts, please bear with me will it may take a few minutes to an hour or so to approve membership.

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November 12, 2015, 01:26:08 PM by mikebreeze
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It was 3 years ago last month that I made my first trip in 'The Breeze' to this campground.  So 53 trips and 6K miles later I returned on 11-11-2015.  This campground has about 150 sites, E/W/S, $42.94 price with tax.  No discounts. They now have a cell tower disguised as a silo (See pic below) so Verizon cell service is good.  Satellite worked great in the open field facing full hookup sites (21 of them).  The rest of the sites are in a heavily wooded area.  Most have electric and water in that area.  They have a swimming pool and a few ponds for fishing.  One can also walk around and watch the 200 acre farm in operation.  This may be a good base camp to explore the Manassas battlefield from.  The farm has been in operation since 1828 and the campground has been around since 1967.  This campground was a Yogi Bear campground at one point.  Anyway, this is a very relaxing place to get away and unwind.  It hasn't changed much since I was here 3 years ago.  And I like it that way!
November 01, 2015, 08:34:24 AM by Ken Attkisson | Views: 311 | Comments: 1

This park is somewhat unique in that it is owned by the city of High Point and is located on its main water res.   It is extremely well maintained--I think because it is located very close to the public utilities head office.  E,W,&S wi-fi and cable.  Does not have a reservation system which I am told is not a problem except during their"Furniture Mart" weeks which I understand is twice a year. This campground has an automatic slide gate at the entrance that closes at 8 pm but you are given a code to get in and out.  Have not run into that before.

This is quite the lake.  Long and very pretty.  While we were there there were "Crew" boats on the lake practicing. Ducks and other wildlife. 

Seems to be make up of 3 sections.  A section for tents, etc. B section which is basically a parking lot for the big rigs with hook ups, and C section which is closer to the water with hook up for the smaller rigs and is wooded.  Note that although paved no attempt was made to level the back-ins. 

Disadvantages--not leveled, Not a lot of signage to find the campground from interstate or anywhere. They are on the internet .
November 01, 2015, 08:15:43 AM by Ken Attkisson | Views: 181 | Comments: 0

This RV Park has 2 things going for it.  First is Location-it is convenient to I40 and second it is very convenient to the Biltmore Estate and other features of Asheville.  It has E,W,&S and I saw no tents.  Wi-fi and Cable Paved though hilly road. Features also include washer-dryers and well maintained bathhouse.The actual view from the park is also special.

Some disadvantages would include:  Location--it is physically between I40 and another main 4 lane highway. Even with sound berms the trucks with Jake brakes are almost constantly heard. Also the back in site we were assigned was not quite level.

All in all 80%-- mostly because of the noise.
November 01, 2015, 07:57:03 AM by Ken Attkisson | Views: 254 | Comments: 1

This is a delightful campground on the Little Pigeon River in Pigeon Forge.  Thru the main road is looking more like Los Vegas every day go 3/4 mile over to the river and you are in another world.  Trout were jumping out of the water, ducks were grazing and Herons were fishing.  Concrete level pads-all with E,W,&S.  Swimming in the river.  I saw no Tents. Bathhouse was somewhat dated but clean.  Personnel were there during all daylite hours.  Lots of Top of the line permanent installations (I saw no junked up units) Wi-fi & cable TV included.  Personnel were very helpful in every respect. Paved roads.

Close by is Gatlinburg and Dollywood if you are into that sort of thing as well theaters and anything else you may desire. Note that this is the bible belt so there are some closures on Sunday but not all that many. Gatlinburg has quite a developed Artisan Trail back out of town which features artists and potters.

If investigating this campground go to . There are a couple of more campgrounds with river in their names in Pigeon Forge which I did not review.
November 01, 2015, 05:42:59 AM by Ken Attkisson | Views: 152 | Comments: 1

This is a Tennessee State Park about 20 miles below Bristol. The actual campground is on a peninsula in a lake formed by damming a river . Lots of old Beech trees,etc. Golf course is part of park. Hiking trails are around the shoreline and others which we didn't have time to explore. We evidently were in an older part of the campground to the left of the office.  I would caution that in this area the roads are very narrow and winding.  The Bathhouse in this old section was very dated and the men's side was leaking.  They were cleaned every night so if you made an early morning run you had to watch out for wet floors. The other sections of the campground seemed to be more modern with wider roads, etc. There is a local train track but it had limited traffic on the weekend we were there.

It is interesting to make a comparison with a Va. State Park. In my opinion Va. wins hands down.  Tenn. has done away with their camp host program.  Until someone got into the office at 9:30 Sat. Morning we saw no State Personnel. The office didn't keep any Tennessee state maps.

This park is a Gem that needs a little polishing. We went because it is close to the Carter Family Fold in Hiltons, Va.  a Crooked Road Music Venue.
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