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Virginia Camping at it's Best!

We are glad you found us! Virginia Campers is a small group of campers, that continues to grow. We have been around for about 5 years. Whether you're here to camp with other folks or just want or need information about camping this is the place. You can also find information on places to avoid, Yes, believe it or not Virginia has some less than desirable campgrounds. Also, we do not care what you camp in, be it Class A or a Tent, Everyone is Welcome!!

I have had to take on the approval of all accounts, please bear with me will it may take a few minutes to an hour or so to approve membership.

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November 15, 2015, 04:10:02 PM by Tim_Rhonda
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So we have tried 3 times to camp at Sea Mist Campground, Damn Neck Naval Base over the last 2 years. Every time something has come up and we had to cancel. Looking like we will make it this time for Thanksgiving who hoo  :A13:. Not sure which side (newer or remodeled older) they will put us, I guess I'll call this week and get some more info.
November 13, 2015, 12:09:42 PM by jk@home
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So this year my wife and I are thinking about camping over Thanksgiving since both the kids will be out of town. We wanted something close to Virginia Beach. As we like staying in the woods (private parks aren't really our style), checked Chippokes, Kiptopke, even North Bend...all full (the good sites anyway).

But Pocahontas is almost totally empty...whats up with that? Is it because their water park is closed, so nobody wants to go? Or is there something more sinister, like some sort of insert swam or killer bears....

We  stayed at Douthat a few weeks ago, perfect weather, site, etc. But here was a beetle bug swam going on (they were a type of lady bug) that kept us busy sucking the ones up that got inside the RV with the dyson hand vac. :A3:
November 12, 2015, 01:26:08 PM by mikebreeze
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It was 3 years ago last month that I made my first trip in 'The Breeze' to this campground.  So 53 trips and 6K miles later I returned on 11-11-2015.  This campground has about 150 sites, E/W/S, $42.94 price with tax.  No discounts. They now have a cell tower disguised as a silo (See pic below) so Verizon cell service is good.  Satellite worked great in the open field facing full hookup sites (21 of them).  The rest of the sites are in a heavily wooded area.  Most have electric and water in that area.  They have a swimming pool and a few ponds for fishing.  One can also walk around and watch the 200 acre farm in operation.  This may be a good base camp to explore the Manassas battlefield from.  The farm has been in operation since 1828 and the campground has been around since 1967.  This campground was a Yogi Bear campground at one point.  Anyway, this is a very relaxing place to get away and unwind.  It hasn't changed much since I was here 3 years ago.  And I like it that way!
November 03, 2015, 08:14:48 AM by CarolK
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We will be at Pocahontas the  weekend  of Nov 13-15 Who would like to come on out and join us Potluck dinner for Saturday night  :B7:
November 01, 2015, 08:34:24 AM by Ken Attkisson | Views: 170 | Comments: 1

This park is somewhat unique in that it is owned by the city of High Point and is located on its main water res.   It is extremely well maintained--I think because it is located very close to the public utilities head office.  E,W,&S wi-fi and cable.  Does not have a reservation system which I am told is not a problem except during their"Furniture Mart" weeks which I understand is twice a year. This campground has an automatic slide gate at the entrance that closes at 8 pm but you are given a code to get in and out.  Have not run into that before.

This is quite the lake.  Long and very pretty.  While we were there there were "Crew" boats on the lake practicing. Ducks and other wildlife. 

Seems to be make up of 3 sections.  A section for tents, etc. B section which is basically a parking lot for the big rigs with hook ups, and C section which is closer to the water with hook up for the smaller rigs and is wooded.  Note that although paved no attempt was made to level the back-ins. 

Disadvantages--not leveled, Not a lot of signage to find the campground from interstate or anywhere. They are on the internet .
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